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SlimLipo™ Laser-assisted Liposuction

SlimLipoSlimLipo™ (also called LifeSculpt) from Palomar, uses a new laser technology that provides a less invasive procedure for fat reduction than traditional liposuction. Using a special patented laser wavelength administered through several tiny incisions, the SlimLipo procedure gently melts fat for removal from your body — with smaller scars, less bleeding, less post-treatment healing and shorter recovery time.

LifeSculptSlimLipo uses the SLIM laser platform. SLIM stands for "Selective Laser-Induced Melting," and the procedure commonly takes less than an hour for a given area. It is effective for fat reduction for body areas of the abdomin, hip and thigh, arm, face and neck. SlimLipo is for men and women, and is designed to ease any unnecessary trauma to the body — many patients can go to work the very next day. SlimLipo is still a surgical procedure, and we can discuss which anesthesia is most appropriate to you.

You can view more information on SlimLipo at this informative web site:, including before-and-after photos for target areas including: abdomen, back, buttocks, chin and neck, love handles, male chest, thights and upper arms.

See Dr. Hamori's SlimLipo before-and-after photos for:

Also, see Dr. Hamori's blog post titled Introducing SlimLipo — The Kinder, Gentler Liposuction.

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