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If you're considering a cosmetic enhancement, either surgical or non-surgical, the next step is to learn more. Visit our animation library with detailed information on many of our most popular procedures.

Viewing theses educational multi-media presentations of procedures you are considering before your consultation with Dr. Hamori will allow you to have a more effective conversation and better understand your options.

View animation library (Now compatible with iPad!)

Authored by Christine Hamori, MD

ASJ coverPostoperative Clitoral Hood Deformity After Labiaplasty
Christine A. Hamori, MD, Aesthetic Surgery Journal September 2013 33: 1030-1036, first published on September 4, 2013

Aesthetic Outcomes of Labioplasty
Christine A. Hamori, MD, Aesthetic Surgery Journal September 29, 2011, 1090820X11422228, first published on September 29, 2011plastic and reconstructive surgery

Female Genital Rejuvenation
Christine A. Hamori, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgery Pulse News
Quality Medcial Publishing, Inc.

A Retrospective Study of Changes in Physical Symptoms and Body Image after Reduction Mammaplasty
Co-authored by Dr. Hamori along with Brian S. Glatt, M.D., David B. Sarwer, Ph.D., Daniel E. O'Hara, M.D., Louis P. Bucky, M.D., and Don LaRossa, M.D. Published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery magazine.

Here are links to more information for your convenience. Many are articles from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

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