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CoolSculptingCoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment to gently reduce fat bulges and "love handles" using an advanced cooling technology that targets and eliminates fat cells. CoolSculpting is strictly non-invasive, with no needles and no incisions. There is no need for anesthesia or pain medications, and there is no recovery time!

During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. Procedures last about one to two hours. Patients can have additional procedures for more pronounced effects if they desire. Average results are 20% fat reduction in treated area.

And now the Coolsculpting Mini applicator can target areas such as the double chin, knees and underarms, and freeze away stubborn fat and contour the body with no downtime.

Coolsculpting Mini is effective in treating "double chin"

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In properly selected patients, the non-invasive CoolSculpting procedure results in a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat bulges in two to four months, without the pain, risk, and recovery time of invasive procedures.

CoolSculpting is not a way to lose weight or treat obesity, and it is not a substitute for invasive methods like liposuction. The best candidates for the CoolSculpting procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly and have pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle.

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Below are some common questions and answers on CoolSculpting.

What happens to the fat cells?

The exposure to cooling causes the fat cells to begin a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normal metabolic processes, like fat from food. The result is a gradual reduction in fat bulges that is visible to most patients in two to four months.

How do the results compare with liposuction?

The results of the CoolSculpting procedure are not as rapid or dramatic as invasive procedures such as liposuction. However, if you want to avoid the pain, risk and recovery time associated with surgical procedures, CoolSculpting may be the preferred option for you.

How long do the results last?

Patients experiencing fat layer reduction show persistent results at least six months after the CoolSculpting procedure. Longer term studies have not been completed. The elimination of fat cells as a result of the CoolSculpting procedure is expected to last about as long as fat cells removed by invasive procedures such as liposuction.

What are common effects after the procedure?

CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive, which allows return to normal activities on the same day as the procedure, such as work or exercise. Redness may appear in the treated area, and may last from a few minutes to a few hours. Some localized bruising may occur, which clears within a few weeks. Many patients experience a temporary dulling of sensation in the treated area lasting one to eight weeks.

How long does CoolSculpting procedure take?

Procedure time can be two hours or more depending on the size of the area to be treated. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss how long your procedure will take and how much time you should allow for your office visit.

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