Earlobe Repair / Otoplasty

Earlobe Rejuvenation / Repair

Earlobe repair can be performed for elongations of piercings or complete earlobe clefts caused by an earring tearing out in the past. The procedure is done in the office and includes complimentary piercing at 6 weeks.

Earlobe reduction can quickly restore a youthful appearance. As we age the ear lobe becomes longer and longer. Shortening of the earlobe is performed in the office and produces a very inconspicuous scar. The entire face looks rejuvenated with this simple procedure.

Dr. Hamori describes earlobe reduction, a quick fix for “grandma ears.”
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Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical reshaping of the ears that can make large and prominent ears appear smaller and more cosmetically pleasing. The procedure can be performed on persons of all ages and requires twilight anesthesia. The cartilage is shaped using internal sutures or sculpting techniques and small incisions behind the ears.

Ear piercing. Is your daugher ready for pierced ears? Dr. Hamori is available to perform this simple service in a clinical setting for those young girls taking their first step into the world of fashion.

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    Ear Lobe Repair

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    Ear Lobe Repair

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    Ear Lobe Reduction

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    Ear Lobe Trim

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