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Face Lift

The Face Lift is a surgical procedure to tighten lax facial skin and muscles by returning them to their youthful position. The face lift often includes removing excess fat and skin, or jowls. All scars are hidden well behind your ear. The surgery takes 4 to 5 hours and recovery is two weeks.

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Patients often ask for me to describe the difference between a neck lift and a face lift. Typically, a face lift usually includes a neck lift. A "mini-facelift," which resolves lax cheek skin usually in younger women, does not. As we age, the neck muscle called the "platysma" loosens and fatty deposits develop underneath its surface. This creates an aged appearance. A neck lift removes this excess fat and tightens the platysma muscle in the midline to restore a more youthful appearance. For those over 50, the neck lift is best when used in combination with a face lift. The neck lift leaves a similar scar as a face lift — in front of and behind each ear.

For more information on face lifts, please see this ASPS web page dedicated to face lift surgery.

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