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Cosmetic Services for Men

man with no chest hairThe number of male customers we treat continues to increase. Men are taking advantage of surgical, injectable and medi-spa treatments for body and facial contouring, anti-acne and anti-aging skin treatments and laser hair removal.

Some of the most popular procedures among our male clients include:

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Men are welcome to inquire about any of our surgical or non-surgical treatments and are encouraged to take advantage of our free skin care analysis with an aesthetician who will evaluate your unique concerns and can recommend  treatments in our Skin Spa.

Please call the Skin Spa at 781-934-2200.

Facial injectables — not for women only

Many men are benefiting from facial fillers and neurotoxins to give them a younger, fresher appearance.

Botox for Men Before Botox for Men After
Male Botox - "Before and After"

Botox for Men Before Botox for Men After
Male Botox - "Before and After"

Botox for Men Before Botox for Men After
Male Botox - "Before and After"

Non-surgical treatments for a more youthful neck

Dr. Hamori’s colleagues describe non-surgical choices for a more youthful neck on The Plastic Surgery Channel.

When it comes to necks, however, sometimes the best solution is a surgical neck lift. In the video below, Dr. Hamori describes why sometimes, the surgical neck lift is the better option for certain male patients.

Dr. Hamori describes considerations for a successful neck lift for men.

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Male face with wrinklesBoth Dr. Hamori and Dr. DiEdwardo have treated and operated on many male clients — from Botox injections and eyelid lifts, to liposuction and male breast reduction surgeries. If you are considering a procedure, please call us with any questions, or to help you schedule a surgical consult with either of our talented cosmetic surgeons.

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Take the next step; schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamori or Dr. DiEdwardo.

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