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Laser Skin Treatments

Christine Hamori's Skin Spa uses the latest in cosmetic lasers to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

  • Sun damage / age spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • Wrinkles / fine lines
  • Acne scars  / surgical scars
  • Rosacea / redness
  • Spider veins of legs and face
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair removal.

The Latest in Aesthetic Lasers

Drs. Hamori and DiEdwardo are constantly evaluating non-surgical aesthetic technologies in order to provide the safest and most effective treatments for their patients. Our skin care lasers are upgraded as newer technologies are proven to provide a better solution. Currently we offer the following laser technologies to treat the most common skin conditions.

Fraxel Dual LaserLeading the laser technologies available in the Skin Spa is the Fraxel Dual (1550 nm and 1927 nm) fractional laser. Dr. DiEdwardo describes Fraxel as "the gold standard for non-ablative lasers," and highly effective for treating fine lines/wrinkles, sundamage, and pigmentation for face, hands, chest. "It is also one of the best lasers to treat scarring, such as acne or surgical scars," according to DiEdwardo. As a non-ablative laser, treatments with Fraxel require much less downtime than ablative lasers (such as the Deka CO2 Laser, see below) so are attractive to patients looking to avoid significant downtime and as well as patients who desire proactive treatments to maintain their collagen as they age.

What are fractional lasers? Dr. Christine DiEdwardo describes fractional lasers and both ablative and non-ablative treatments.

Tetra CO2 laser logoAlternatively, the SmartXide Tetra Fractional CO2 Laser from DEKA, is an ablative laser which improves on traditional mild, to moderate to aggressive fractional ablation delivery with more precision, more control and more coverage.

CoolPeel logoThe Tetra CO2 laser can also provide the CoolPeel treatment, a milder fractional resurfacing treatment with less downtime than other laser treatments. CoolPeel also pairs well with VirtueRF microneedling for a comprehensive approach to minimizing wrinkles and acne scarring.

Dr. Hamori describes CoolPeel for The Plastic Surgery Channel.

See South Shore Magazine's article on CoolPeel offered at Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa at this link.

CoolPeel Before CoolPeel After
CoolPeel "Before and After" photos provided by the manufacturer.

With so many options for treating your aesthetic skin care needs, the best way to decide on a treatment is with a free skin care evaluation. Call (781) 934-2200 to schedule a skin care evaluation and we can recommend a treatment or treatments for your particular needs.

Hyperpigmentation / Age Spot Removal

Brown spots or dark skin lesions (also known as sun spots, age spots) begin to develop over the face and chest as we get older. These unsightly pigmented lesions or seborrheic keratosis can be removed or lightened using lasers. Our aesthetician or nurse will first evaluate your dark spots, then use the appropriate laser to gently eliminate or lessen the dark pigment.

Rosacea / Facial Veins / Leg Veins

Excel V logoRosacea or broken capillaries of the face, nose and chin may be treated with the Excel V™ laser from Cutera. Rosacea a condition where the facial blood vessels dilate excessively causing redness and flushing. The laser heats the abnormal vessels causing the veins to seal shut. Over time, the vessels are no longer be visible. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

This same laser treatment is effective in treating leg veins and spider veins in the same manner.

Treatment of leg and facial veins with Excel V

After an initial consultation, your doctor or aesthetician will determine if treatment with the Excel V is appropriate. Unlike other procedures, injections or topical anesthesia are not required throughout the duration of the 15- to 30-minute procedure.

Depending on the condition being treated, the aesthetician passes the laser handpiece over the affected areas of the skin until the abnormal vessels diminish. To minimize discomfort and protect your skin, the Excel V uses a proprietary cooling mechanism. Download the Excel V brochure.

Cherry Hemangioma Removal

Cherry hemangiomas, or red spots, can be removed when treated with a laser. These unsightly spots usually occur on the chest and abdomen and virtually disappear after treatments.

We also offer Laser Hair Removal.

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