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Neck Lift / Liposuction

Men and women, who with age have developed excess fat at the neck, banding, jowls, or “turkey neck,” may consider neck lift surgery to return to a more youthful contour.

A “neck lift,” or lower rhytidectomy, is surgery that tightens the skin and underlying muscles and improves the contour of the jaw. This surgery is often performed in conjunction with liposuction or a facelift, but may also be a solution as a stand-alone treatment.

Dr. Hamori talks about the benefits of neck lift surgery for The Plastic Surgery Channel.

If only minimal contouring is needed and you have healthy skin, then liposuction alone may be sufficient. Neck liposuction is the removal of fatty deposits beneath the chin done through very small incisions hidden behind the ear lobes.

Non-surgical options: You may also want to consider these non-surgical neck treatments.

Dr. Hamori’s colleagues describe non-surgical choices for a more youthful neck on The Plastic Surgery Channel.

Increasingly, Dr. Hamori and Dr. DiEdwardo see male patients seeking solutions for a sagging neck. Depending on the age and the amount of excess skin, your surgeon can evaluate your individual situation and make recommendations based on your desired results. In the video below, Dr. Hamori discusses some of the considerations involved and why sometimes a surgical neck lift may be the best option.

Dr. Hamori describes considerations for a successful neck lift for men.

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    Neck Lift / Liposuction - Before and After

    Neck Lift Surgery

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    Before After

    Neck Lift Surgery - Direct Excision Z-plasty

    Necklift Before Necklift Ater

    Necklift Before Necklift After

    Neck Liposuction

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    Neck Liposuction and Thermage

    Neck lift before Neck lift after

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    The website is a project of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and answer many common questions. Review of this site will also allow you to ask informed questions when you meet with Dr. Hamori for your surgical consultation.

  • Surgical Animations

    Neck lift / face lift surgery explained.

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