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Dr. Hamori is a breast specialist and has been performing cosmetic breast surgeries for more than 20 years. In addition to breast lifts, reductions and augmentations, she can reshape or repair nipples. Nipples that are large (due to genetics or breast feeding), or those that are inverted or retracted can be resized and reshaped with little to no visible scarring. Larger nipples can be trimmed to appear more natural and less aged. Flat or inverted nipples can be enhance or corrected by either releasing scar tissue at the base of the nipple or by inserting a small cartilage stent.

“…I had a duct sparing bi-lateral nipple inversion repair and have since exclusively and successfully breastfed two babies! This was such an important goal and I thank you a million times over for helping me! I cannot thank you enough.”

Thank you again, H.C.

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Inverted nipple repair

Dr. Hamori can surgically repair inverted nipples by releasing the tethering milk ducts through a small incision and placing a cartilage spacer from the ear to maintain the size and shape of the nipples. The scar is placed at the base of the nipple and is barely visible after healing. Surgical correction of the inverted nipple may be done under local anesthesia in the office. Recovery time is short and the results are long lasting.

Dr. Hamori describes inverted nipple repair for The Plastic Surgery Channel.

Recovery and risks

Inverted nipple repair typically will cause some mild swelling and moderate bruising. Most patients are back to regular activities within two days.

One of the risks associated with inverted nipple repair is that you may not be able to breast feed after the surgery, so be sure to take this into account when considering the surgery and discuss this with Dr. Hamori during your surgical consult.

Dr. Hamori created this animation to demonstrate the basics of inverted nipple repair..

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  • Testimonials / Reviews

    Nipple reduction/repair testimonials:

    “I was in your office for a consultation last week for my skin and thought about how I never followed up with you after my last email to you, 3 years ago! In May 2008, I had a duct sparing bi-lateral nipple inversion repair and have since exclusively and successfully breastfed two babies! This was such an important goal and I thank you a million times over for helping me! I cannot thank you enough.”

    Thank you again, H.C.”

    “My experience with Dr. Hamori and her staff far exceeded any of expectations. The process was wonderful from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with my new breasts. As a mother of two young boys, pregnancy and breast feeding certainly took its toll. My goal was to bring my breasts back to what they were like in my twenties and Dr. Hamori did just that and then some! Thank you so much for your impeccable attention to detail and consistent professionalism at everyone one of my visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Hamori’s office to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. ”


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“Nipple reduction or nipple repair surgery is an important decision and I understand you have many questions. Why not get the conversation started?”

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