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Eyelid Lift

Blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, is the trimming of excess skin and fat (puffiness) of the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids—or both—to achieve a more youthful and rested look. In the video below, Dr. Hamori describes the unique conditions and considerations of the upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery.

A small change in the eyelids can make a big difference in an overall more youthful appearance.

The surgery takes one to two hours to complete. Allow two weeks for full recovery. Your surgery results are long-lasting.

An eye lift may be coordinated with chemical peels to reduce the appearance of wrinkly skin around the eyes.

UPNEEQ for droopy eyelids

RestylaneDr. Hamori and Dr. DiEdwardo may also be able to address your eyelid issues with a once-daily eyedrop developed to treat drooping eyelids. UPNEEQ® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1% is a prescription eyedrop used to treat low-lying lids (acquired blepharoptosis) in adults.

To learn if you are a candidate for UPNEEQ and to learn how to best address your eyelid concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamori or Dr. DiEdwardo.

Learn more on the UPNEEQ website.


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  • Before And After

    Patient 1 - Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

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    Patient 2 - Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

    before after

    Patient 3 - Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

    before after

    Patient 4 - Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

    before after

    Patient 5 - Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

    before after

    See more blepharoplasty photos in our Before + After Gallery.

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  • Eyelid Lift Resources

    For more information on blepharoplasty surgery, please visit:

    The website is a project of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and answer many common questions. Review of this site will also allow you to ask informed questions when you meet with Dr. Hamori for your surgical consultation.

  • Surgical Animations

    Eyelid surgeries explained.

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